​​​​​​​Shawn Harper Over Delivers Every Time!

Shawn Harper Is An Experience Packed With High Energy And Never A Dull Moment. Shawn Rips Phone Books, Rolls Up Frying Pans And Carries Humans On His Back To Deliver A Winning Keynote Performance Customized To Fit Your Goals And Audience.

Shawn Harper knows what it feels like to encounter failures, road blocks and disappointments. Growing up on the south side of Columbus, Ohio, Shawn had to overcome failure, adversity and learning disabilities. But he discovered the secrets to unlocking “The Winning Edge,” and now speaks all over the world training others to win in business and in life. 

When Shawn Harper steps on the stage, he unpacks strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels. His unique no excuses approach will leave your audience ready to win as individuals and in teams. 

Shawn customizes his keynote to fit your goals and audience. He has helped transform thousands of corporate environments, built leadership, trained teams and impacted youth development in schools and programs.

Shawn excites your attendees out of their chair and onto the playing field of the business of winning. He rips phone books, rolls up frying pans, and carries humans on his back to demonstrate the power of action. Your attendees will tap into the mental game of peak performance athletes, push through excuses, and set in motion their greatest potential to drive to the next level. 

Hire Shawn Harper for an unforgettable experience that will motivate your attendees to produce results. 

Shawn is the author of “The Winning Edge.” Shawn is also an investor,

CEO and founder of American Services and Protection in Columbus, Ohio, and Bridge Builders International.

He serves on the board of King’s Ransom Foundation.

Shawn is actively involved in his church and is a loving husband, father and family man.

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Jim Lambright

Shawn is one of the most down-to-earth NFL stars I have ever met with a wealth of knowledge and life lessons that anyone can apply to their life. His humanitarian side of "giving back" is something that all will enjoy. I highly recommend connecting with him and hiring him.

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Sarah Schneider

Shawn brings inspiration to a new level! He is wise, connects the dots and provides great visuals that stay with you! I have seen him speak many times and I can still vividly remember the message from each event. You are missing greatness if you have not heard him speak!

Shawn Harper has been speaking on stages all around the world for years. He will challenge you to a new level and motivate you to keep going, to push through and to reach new heights! Listen to some of the more recent testimonials from audience members and clients. 

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Dianne McGuigan

I have had the absolute pleasure of listening to Shawn Harper speak on many occasions. He has a true overcomer story!!!! He is Passionate and Inspiring! His true heart shines through as he encourages and motivates to impact lives!!!! Pay attention to his words!!!!

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Chris Stallings

I’ve heard this man speak in person several times. If you need someone to encourage, motivate, inspire and excite a large group of individuals to get great results, this man does not disappoint! His story, and what he has overcome, is remarkable!


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Award Winning Book

The Winning Edge

Free E-book - Limited Time Only

Former 7 Year NFL Player Unpacks The High Energy Of 
PeakPerformance Strategies For Winning In Business And In Life.​​​​​​​